Bring the whole Family!

The only thing that can make a family vacation better as a kid is when your favorite cousin is there! Think about the benefits for you: grandma and grandpa can watch the kids while you and your siblings (and unfortunately your crazy brother in law who will undoubtedly drink too much and embarrass you) can go out for a nice dinner. The kids can talk the grandparents into going to Lappert's for some of Maui's best (and most expensive... let's be honest) ice cream. There are so many options for you and the kids for amazing experiences while on Maui.

For many people Maui is a once in a lifetime vacation, for others it's a yearly thing. Either way a family photo session is the best way to make the memories last forever. The kids will for sure have a melt down at some point, and probably won't want to go do family photos but in the long run the bad will be forgotten and the photos will bring the best memories of your special time on Maui. They grow so fast, don't miss moment of it.

grandkids beach walk with grandpa and grandma
Maui extended family photos on beach
grandparents with grandkids
sunset family photos
Maui family portraits on the beach
kids running on beach
Wailea family photos on lava rocks
big  family portraits on Maui
Amazing Sunset portraits on Maui
Maui photographers sunset portraits
grandma and grandpa beach photoshoot
Extended Family beach photos in Wailea Maui

Location: Ulua Beach, South Maui

Time: Sunset

Session: Family Portraits

Photographer: Brandon Vincent