Destination Maui

They came from the cold wet Washington weather for a very special occasion, they were getting married. They chose Maui for the scene of their nuptials and didn't think twice. The beach, the sand, the warmth! It was all perfect on this night in south Maui. Joined by only a few friends, Steve and Teri looked lovingly into the other eyes and made the promise to be the only one for each other. Dreams do come true, at any age.

Officiant plays ukulele for beach wedding
Maui Beach Wedding with Officiant
formal portraits during maui beach wedding
newlywed couple embrace
sunset kiss on beach at sunset
palm frond hides wedding kiss
Maui sunset wedding on beach
Couple at sunset after maui beach wedding

Location: White Rock Beach, South Maui

Time: Sunset

Officiant: Pia Aluli

Photographer: Brandon Vincent