Maui Sunset Beach Wedding

This night did not start off how it was supposed! Ironwood Beach is a special (mostly unknown) beach near Kapalua. . The 15 or so spaces of the small parking lot were packed with rental cars and surfer's Tacomas stacked with Da kine gear and soft tops. I left Kihei early so I wouldn't have any trouble parking! No problem, I'll go to the closest next lot and lug my gear the half mile to the beach. I cringed as I drive by the Steeple House, there was a wedding there too, this meant more people fighting for the limited parking. Worst case scenario is happening, the other lot if full!

I called Sean from Intimate Maui Wedding, who planned the wedding, and he said there's a lot in the middle of the condos perched high above the jagged rocks at the south end of the beach. Driving into the high class neighborhood I got nervous. If you know Maui communities, parking in the wrong area can and WILL get you towed. My 2012 Ford Focus didn't exactly fit in with the landscape. I found a spot near the clubhouse thinking, this would not look like someone parking for beach access. Who would park here to go to the beach? Nobody! Clearly I was there visiting somebody. I jumped out and loaded myself up like a donkey and headed toward the rocks, no idea where I was actually going. I found my way through a maze high priced hales to the rocks over looking the beach. I made it! A little late but I made it!

I wasn't the only one with parking issues, so I still beat the bride and half the guests! Once I shook off the initial jitters and was able to put together my plan I was stoked. Being that it was December, the sun was as far south at it goes. The gave us amazingly soft, warm and creamy light! I made the choice to not even pull my flashes out. Time was not on our side, but the Light was. That's all that mattered.

Shortly the amazing ceremony began. Friends, family and daughters all watched as Pam and Craig said their sacred vows. Weddings never go as planned. Schedules, weather, PARKING, or any combination of unforeseen things happen. It all works out and love prevails.

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Location: Ironwood Beach, West Maui

Time: Sunset

Wedding Planner: Intimate Weddings Maui

Officiant: Ernest Pua'a

Photographer: Brandon Vincent