Maui Family Portraits!

There are certain beaches and certain times of the year for different light, which creates different looks for photos. Ironwood Beach in west Maui is one that is great for "bright & airy" photos most of the year due to its northerly location and angle. It set a great scene for the Moreno Family's session! Their bright and neutral wardrobe made for a nice clean color palette. We made our way around the beach trying to keep the kids as interested and happy as possible. With the waves and all sorts of cool rocks and trees nearby there's not shortage of things go check out and explore. We were able to tale advantage of the many "looks" Ironwood has from the long white sandy beach, to lava rock cliffs that completely change beach view! Mahalo to the Moreno's for choosing me to help capture some sweet memories during their family photo session!

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Location: Ironwood Beach, West Maui

Time: Sunset

Session: Family Portraits

Photographer: Brandon Vincent