Maui Destination Wedding

The wedding day began at Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort. The bride, Tess, and her closes friends (Mom + sisters!) spent time in their ocean view room as their hair and makeup was done up to perfection. They spent precious moments together as the time grew nearer, laughing, smiles and hugs swelled each moment. Meanwhile Ben was in the basement getting his groom on. The dark room gave a great option for some dramatic portraits. Then on the way out, we stopped and he took a moment to himself and read a letter from his future wife.

We made our way to White Rock beach just 10 minutes deeper into Wailea/Makena. The first look took place in the covered walk way from the road to the beach. You could feel the excitement building as Tess approached Ben from the back. She tapped him in the shoulder and he knew it was time. He would now see his Bride, a moment to be burned into his emory forever. The private moment allowed just the two of them to take each other in, and prepare for what was about to happen. By this time their families were getting restless and wanted to see the bride too! Places were taken as the sun glistened off the vast Pacific. The ceremony was complete, the families clapped and the kiss was made. Now, husband and wife. We used the remaining sun light and sunset to grab formal photos and get the money shots. Mahalo Ben and Tess, congratulations, you are one of my favorite couples ever!

bride getting ready at Andaz Maui
bride hair at andaz Maui
maui bridal party at Andaz Maui
bridal make up mirror andaz maui
bride with sisters at Andaz Maui
beautiful bride maui
maui wedding bride Andaz Maui
bridal portrait maui
groom jacket detail
dramatic groom portraits
smiling groom photo at andaz Maui
groom reading letter from the bride
maui wedding first look
maui wedding first look white rock beach
maui wedding details
bridal bouquet
maui beach wedding
maui wedding on white rocks beach
bella bloom wedding bouquet
Destination Wedding Bride
maui destination wedding couple
maui groom portrait
groom ceremony lei
destination beach wedding
fun beach wedding
trash the dress maui
Hawaii destination wedding photographer
groom carrying bride and kissing
bride and groom at sunset

Location: Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort, White Rock Beach, South Maui

Flowers: Bella Bloom Maui

Time: Sunset

Officiant: Kuya Alamodin

Photographer: Brandon Vincent