The plan was been set, I was finally able to put my amazing acting skills to use. Trace and Jacey would come to check out Makena Cove in south Maui, as they were walking around a sketchy yet handsome photographer (whose “clients were running late”) would offer to take a professional photo of them on the beach for $5.

Jacey was confused and concerned as she heard Trace agree to the transaction. Maybe it was the Hawaiian breeze that had gotten to him and he was feeling loose. I placed them where I wanted them and then took a couple shots to dial in my exposure. I said, “Ok, let me back up then we’re good to go”.

This was the moment, months in planning and back and forth with someone thousands of miles away to make this very second happen. As I backed into position he dropped to his knee. She immediately knew the weight of the moment. Her hands drew to her face and tears fell from her eyes. He said the magic words and she mustered a “Yes!” From that moment things were different, she was a fiancee’ and soon enough a wife.

As the sand settled (See what I did there? sand.. not dust. cuz the beach…) I gave them a few moments together to take in the moment, then we began capturing photos that would last and tell their story that was just beginning.

surprise proposal on Maui
she said yes! Engage on Maui
splashing wave on a romantic surprise proposal session
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lava rocks over the ocean for this engagement
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Maui Surprise Proposal Session

Location: Makena Cove, Maui

Time: Late Afternoon