Life is busy! More and more we get busier and busier and spend less time with the ones we care about. We text instead of call and spend way too much time watching Netflix instead of playing games together. Now imagine you are a doctor... and the person you love is ALSO a doctor! Now let's put a thousand miles between you! That does not sound like an easy relationship to keep burning! These two amazing humans make it work though! Getting away for some one on one time to Maui helps them focus on each other.

If you want to unplug from life, work or whatever Maui has so many options. From tourist heavy fun to secluded waterfalls, hikes and beaches, Maui has what you need to really connect with the one(s) you love! Less the hustle and bustle behind and strengthen the relationships that really matter.

Couple on Po'olenalena Beach for sunset photos
South Maui sunset couples shoot
Lava Rock seats for a sunset photoshoot
sunset beach photoshoot
maui sunset photoshoot
romantic sunset beach photoshoot on maui
fun wet ocean photographer
maui photographers sunset session
Poolenalena Beach Photoshoot
moody sunset silhouette

Location: Po'olenalena Beach, South Maui

Time: Sunset

Session Type: Couples

Photographer: Brandon Vincent