Makena Cove Sunrise

I have lived in Maui for 5 years now and have seen a lot of sunrises and sunsets, I have shot over a thousand sessions and this one stands out among them all. These two wanted to do something special for their 10 year anniversary, something to renew to each other how they still felt even a decade later. They left their children at home with family and jetted off to Maui.

Almost everybody wants a perfect Maui sunset as a backdrop for their session. Aaron and Mandy wanted the shoot to be more private, and special as they exchanged words that meant so much to them, so they chose sunrise. Many of you may recognize Makena Cove as it is one of the most popular wedding beaches on Maui. The problem is that this tiny beach is almost always flooded with wedding, tourists and fishermen. But sunrise is its time to shine. We had the beach to ourselves as the best sunrise I've seen unfolded before us.

It's not a morning I'm soon to forget, and I'm sure the two of them won't either. It's special mornings like this that really make me appreciate what I do. I meet amazing people, share special moments with them and capture it all on the beaches of Maui. Let's spend some time together too. I can't guarantee a spectacular sky show, but I can guarantee we'll have a good time, get some great photos and it's better than sitting at home wherever you are!

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Location: Makena Cove, South Maui

Time: Sunrise

Session: Vow Renewal

Photographer: Brandon Vincent