Maui goes to Oregon!

Not too long ago it was easy to lose touch with friends. If you know me, you probably know that I moved around a lot growing up. In the early 90’s The Swifts were our family’s best friends. They had 5 boys and were the closest thing I ever had to brothers. We have stories that should not be told on the internet. When they moved from Salem to Ogallala, NE it was a huge deal for me. Then imagine my mixed emotion happiness when I found out that we were going to follow them to Nebraska! Well after a few years we went out separate ways. They went back to Salem and we went to Idaho. That was it. Though our friendship never went away, it was few and far between for visits or even talking.

Then Facebook was invented. Need I say more? When one of your closest (and longest) friends asks you to shoot their wedding, you do it.

I was so excited for so many different reasons to make it back to Salem, the place of my childhood, so many memories and even more so to be with the Swifts. My second family.

Kayleen and Justin were so much fun, I am so blessed to be able to be apart of their big day. They were surrounded by friends and family and I felt at home. You’ll be able to tell by the photos, but Kayleen has an infectious smile and laugh which she wields frequently.

Salem Oregon Wedding

Time: All Day

Hotel: The Grand Hotel

Venue: Deepwood Museum & Garden

Me (in the middle) with The Swift boys (minus 1 – missed you Jared) friends since 1980 something.